Monkey only

This month, Pogo, the Most Interesting Monkey in the World

DSC02060interviews Eva Niewiadomski, Ranch Czarina and Founder of Catalyst Ranch who is vying for Most Interesting Woman in the World. Eva just won two back-to-back awards – Enterprising Woman of the Year 2016 and NAWBO Chicago Member of the Year so she thinks she may make it a clean sweep and go for her third award. These things come in threes, don’t they?

We think it makes for quite the surrealistic competition as Pogo is a figment of Eva’s imagination. So what happens when the invented takes on a bigger personality than the inventor? Let’s find out!

POGO:  What is your favorite word? Least favorite?

EVA:  Favorite word:  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – because just saying it makes you want to don a frilly dress, grab a parasol, start dancing with Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews while accompanied by an animated band!


Least favorite word:  Impossible

POGO:  What musical instrument describes your best feature?

EVA:  The fiddle – it’s one of those eternally optimistic instruments. No matter the type of emotion it is trying to convey, there is an underlying boisterousness and pep in the sounds coming forth. And that’s pretty reflective of my personality – no matter how bad things get, I can’t really stay depressed about it for long. My natural optimism tends to kick in and I just get on with things. There really is no point in dwelling, is there?

POGO:  What artist, living or dead, do you want making the portrait of you for your museum?

portrait-of-woman-in-purple-dress-with-vase-of-flowers Matisse

EVA:  I’d have to go with Matisse. I love his use of color, shapes, simple brush strokes and the environments in which he places his subjects. It all serves to tell the viewer something intriguing about the personality of his subjects without giving away the whole story. He makes you want to dig deeper and find out more about the person, which is exactly what I’d like someone who views my portrait to be inspired to do. (Plus, it would give me a leg up on winning this competition with Pogo).

POGO:  Do you have any humorous or bizarre stories from your past experiences you’d like to share?

EVA:  Well, there was the time when I got locked in a vacant convent in the center of Prague and considered leaping out of a 2nd story window to make my escape. I aborted that plan when I realized that the back garden was walled in and had no openings. Would have been kind of foolish to be laying in the garden with a broken leg, in pain and even less likely to be found by anyone in the near future.

POGO:  That reminds me of the time I found myself in a straight jacket, wrapped in chains, hanging upside down in a tank filled with hundreds of gallons of water, surrounded by a moat filled with ravenous iguanas in the middle of a desert while a team of Ninjas pretended not to see me.

EVA:  Hey, that sounds suspiciously like something that happened to Harry Houdini minus the part about being in the middle of a desert, surrounded by ravenous iguanas and disinterested Ninjas. Are you sure you aren’t telling tales?

POGO:  Are you calling me a liar?

EVA:  No, by no means –  but I am acknowledging that you know how to tell a great Tall Tale. I may have met my match.