Today is the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Monkey! We took a moment to interview our own Pogo, who holds the title of The Most Interesting Monkey in the World! 

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Tell me about your audition for Pogo, the Catalyst Ranch logo.

Monkey onlyI actually came to Eva, the owner of the Ranch in a dream and said, I’m the most interesting animal in the world.  It wasn’t so much a dream as I used my mental powers to let her know that I was here for her when I was born.  My birth is celebrated as a day of pride in the Animal Kingdom.  So it wasn’t so much an audition as it was a mutually beneficial partnership forged in the heavens.



How has your life changed since then?

Well, Eva had to wait until I was ready to come to work for her.  That is to say had to get my undergrad degree in MacroEconomics from the famed clown college in Hamburg before I was ready to start my internship at the Ranch.


Let’s talk more about your charity work. How did you get involved with the Weeping Willow Society?

I saw a need and I jumped in there headfirst.  A lot of people don’t realize that when a willow is weeping, it is a cry for help.  Making someone laugh is the best cure for many things, and willow trees are no exception.  I’ve tried to find someone who can help me make a weeping willow laugh, but as of now, I am the only one who has had any luck.  I have also made Sad Panda guffaw and Grumpy Cat chortle as well.


coco_biggerWho’s the Most Interesting Woman in the World?

Coco.  She captivates me like no other woman ever has.  I knew the moment we casually met over signature cocktails at the Catalyst Ranch Grand Opening that we would be inseparable; and that has been the case.


Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met?

I once read an interview on myself that I had given and thought to myself, “that person and I would be friends.”


What’s the most interesting book you’ve read?

MatchBook-monkey-in-circleWhere’s Waldo.  I find that little dickens to be a fascinating study.  He shows up in all the finest places.  He’s like a human version of myself.




What’s the most interesting meal you’ve had?

You haven’t lived until you have free dived the Pacific Ocean’s depths and wrestled the eggs out of a giant squid and consumed them on the boat right then and there.


What’s the most interesting song or musician you’ve heard?

The first time I went to a Spanish cloister, where nuns who take a vow of silence live, a sound emanated from the depths of the building that shook me to my very core.  It was the most hauntingly beautiful siren song I had ever heard.  I had no idea where it was coming from or why.  It affected me in a way that music has not touched me before or since.  As I was leaving the place, the sound grew louder and louder, and I turned around and looked up.  It was then I realized that it was the women who had taken the vow of silence who were calling out to me in voices that were kept in check for so long.  Apparently they were so taken with me they could not keep it in collectively.