Catalyst Ranch is staffed by an incredible team of quirky characters known as Ranch Hands. Ranch Hand Spotlight is an occasional blog series that invites you to take a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Creative Juice readers please give a warm welcome to Ranch Hand Tatiana Green, who was recently promoted to Assistant Morning and Special Events Shift Captain. In this interview Tatiana opens up about her new job, her life outside the Ranch and her recent run-in with a ghost.

Previous job title(s): I haven’t had many full time jobs over the years. Most of my work experience came from summer internships and other small jobs while I was pursuing my undergrad degree.  There was one full time position though. My last full time job was at a community health center on the south side of Chicago working as a Medical Billing Specialist. I was there for almost 6 years. The funny thing is that when I started there as a temp I had absolutely no experience in medical billing but I was able to catch on very quickly and became a full time member of the staff within a few months.

Current Job Title:  It tickles me whenever I have to say what my title is because it’s soooooo long. My current title is Assistant Morning Shift Captain and Special Events Shift Captain. This means that when I’m here in the mornings my job is to help the morning shift captain get everything ready for the meetings happening that day. Before the attendees arrive we make sure food is ready and rooms are set properly and stocked with supplies and AV. When it’s time to put on my Special Events Shift Captain hat I facilitate the set-up of the rooms and then during the event it’s all about ensuring the flawless execution of the event and making sure we go beyond what our clients expect. This includes keeping the Ranch looking good by bussing when needed, helping the caterers and other vendors get settled and directing my staff.

At the Ranch since: May 2015

Nicknames: Tati (given to me by my family), TBaby (my bowling league nickname), and Tatalalicious (my alter-ego)

Favorite Color: It’s been changing but right now the color seems to dark navy blue or more like a royal blue.

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: My favorite thing to do is to pretend to be a tourist in my own city. Take a tour, go on an architecture boat cruise, attend a city festival, etc.

What is your favorite toy or piece of décor in the Ranch? There’s this painted fabric lady piece of artwork that hangs from the ductwork outside of the Tango room. Somehow for the first few weeks I worked at the Ranch she always ended up hanging in the middle of the hall instead of against the wall like she’s supposed to. So here’s me minding my own business walking to Polka never noticing her until she’s right in my face and by the time I try to do my best Neo from the Matrix move to avoid her it’s too late annnnddd I get hit in the face. She’s so mean! She’s just hanging there with a big ol’ smile on her face laughing because she got me again. I’m happy to announce now though that I think she and I have come to an understanding. I haven’t been hit in a while but I still keep an eye on her in case she tries to start the battle again.

How did you learn about Catalyst Ranch? I initially started as a Ranch Hand. I saw the position posted on a job board at Roosevelt University where I’m enrolled in their Master’s program for Hospitality and Tourism. I applied for the evening shift Ranch Hand position and the rest is history.

Do you have a favorite story of something funny or weird that happened at the Ranch? I’ve heard rumors of this ghost or spirit of some sort that likes to mess with us here at the Ranch. Now I can’t say that I believe it but I will say that I am a giant scared-y cat and I have a very good imagination and the two combined don’t always work out for me. Picture this: late summer evening at the Ranch around 1AM. I let the rest of my staff clock out and leave since we have finished all of our duties for the evening’s event. I stick around alone to lock up and write my shift report. WORST IDEA EVER! Do you know just how incredibly creepy it is in here when you’re alone in the dark? Every noise and every shadow almost made me run out of the building. I was so terrified that I had to call one of my friends and keep her on the phone with me until I left. When I was done I practically ran to my car. Even though I’ve had a couple more moments alone in the building I don’t see myself ever getting used to that.

What was your initial reaction to the Ranch? My initial reaction was I felt VERY overdressed. I came in heels and a dress (you know how you’re supposed to dress for an interview). I was so amused that here I am trying to be nice and proper while the people who are interviewing me have on jeans and colorful hair. I was thinking that I have never worked in a place like this, which wasn’t a bad thing. It seemed more casual and fun.

Tell me about a moment in your life that made you proud, either or yourself or a friend. Funny that you ask because right now because I’m very proud of myself! After about 2 years of hard work and long nights I am scheduled to graduate from graduate school on December 11, 2015! YAY! My decision to go back to school came because I found myself struggling to get work in the meetings and events industry. What I was doing wasn’t working so I decided I needed to try something different. I needed more industry experience and background and since I wasn’t getting it on my own I figured graduate school would give me the structured background I was looking for. I’m in my final semester and I am working 2 jobs and going to school full time. Plus, I have 2 independent study courses one of which is my thesis. With my busy schedule the weeks are just flying by and it will be December before I know it. I can’t wait to walk across that stage with all my friends and family out in the stands cheering for me. You know what? I might just cry real tears…and then do the Cabbage Patch as my victory dance.