As you may have noticed, Catalyst Ranch has been trying to launch a Workplace Revolution. As I was perusing this month’s issue of Wired Magazine, I came across a story by Rashida Jones called “The Joy of Work.” One of the sections focuses on Optimizing Your Space. I found myself nodding wholeheartedly as I read the lead-in:

“WHEN YOU SPEND 8, 10, 15 hours mentally scotch-taped to your job, your actual workspace matters a lot. We spoke to a pair of techie-creative types who’ve found different ways to keep their desks positive, personal­ized, and productive: One thrives on a mini­malist aesthetic, the other prefers a densely populated desk­top. But both have customized their spaces for maxi­mum daily happiness. —JULIA GREENBERG”

That is just the point I’ve been trying to make – everyone’s optimum work environment is different and one aesthetic is no better than another. The important part is to surround yourself with things that make you happy. When I worked on Marguerita’s cubicle makeover a few years ago, I interviewed her at length and asked her many questions about what she likes and doesn’t like about her current workspace, her hobbies, activities and what fills her with joy. Marguerita takes immense pride in her Mexican heritage and loves color. So beyond organizing her space to better meet her needs, we added color and Mexican touches. Marguerita was thrilled with the result. Now, it’s not necessarily a workspace that I could work in every day but then, it’s not my workspace, but Margarita’s. And it maximizes her daily happiness.


To see what Dannel Jurado, a software engineer at Etsy and Michelle Morrison, creative strategist at Square did to optimize their desks, check out: Scroll through the photos to get more in-depth descriptions of what they did and why.

And then use their stories as inspiration to optimize your own desk! Please share your stories – photos would be deeply appreciated.