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The stories of the 40 children who live at LYDIA are consistently shocking and upsetting. These kids have been handed one of the most difficult challenges the world can offer – being taken from their parents due to abuse and/or neglect. The children in LYDIA’s Residential Treatment Center (home for abused and neglected children) are all wards of the State. The Residential Program provides a structured, therapeutic environment for children and adolescents with serious behavioral issues, many of whom have been traumatized by abuse or neglect. The aim is to provide healing and to teach these children the practical life skills they need to live in a home setting successfully.

Camp is part of the healing process for the children at LYDIA. Camp is a place for these kids to escape the noise to experience the music in life. For many of the children, it is their first time on a vacation and for some their first time out of Chicago. Camp delivers a life-changing experience where the kids are stretched; mentally, physically and spiritually. The bottom line…they absolutely love it!

“I can’t believe someone would do all this for me! I want to go out and play–I’ve just gotta get it all in!” – 12 year old girl who lived at LYDIA

Thanks to projectMUSIC™, each of the 40 kids who live at LYDIA are able to attend camp in Lake Geneva, WI! The children go to camp over spring break and at the end of summer break just before school starts. Thanks to generous donors like Catalyst Ranch, 100% of all donations or ticket purchases go directly to sending a kid to camp. This year’s projectMUSIC™ event will be Aug. 29 at Catalyst Ranch. Tickets are $200 each. To attend or donate to projectMUSIC™, visit or to learn more about LYDIA, visit