Here at Catalyst Ranch, we like to give away a unique prize every month to one lucky Ranch visitor! We’re just generous like that! We provide toys, puzzles, and games in our meeting rooms to help clients ignite their imaginations and have the most productive offsite meeting ever! Sometimes the giveaway prize is an inspiring book or work of art or an interactive brain-stretching activity. Announcing our February Giveaway Prize!

Are you a poet and you just don’t know it? Here is your chance to show the world what you’re made of! A carefully crafted composition of 200-plus artistically rendered magnetic word tiles drawn from the voice of the creative mind. This masterful collection has words for artists and art lovers alike. The Artist Kit is a masterpiece in the making, a language-sculpting tool that will bring the voice of the inner artist to life. Just stick these word magnets to a fridge, locker or any other steel surface, and watch the verbal installation evolve before your eyes. This kit is guaranteed to produce evocative work and is always a hit at parties! The Artist Magnetic Poetry Kit is a real creativity, imagination and language building tool as well.

magnetic poetry

Drop your card off at the reception desk at the Ranch to enter to win this fabulous prize!