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Welcome guest blogger, Shannon Terschluse, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, and the Founder of Find Your Prana.

“Argggh! 80% of Americans Stressed Out at Work”

“Americans Cook the Least, Eat the Fastest”

“How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life”

“America’s Workers: Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, Totally Exhausted”

“Change Your Lifestyle, Reverse Your Disease”


These are all headlines from major media outlets from the past five years, and they summarize what America’s working professionals’ deal with on a regular basis. When it comes to what we eat, we are opting for more processed and packaged foods rather than choosing nutrient-dense meals. Americans are sticking to convenience rather than reaping the benefits, and dietary control, of home-made meals. On top of this, our professionals are overworked, always connected, and completely stressed. Regardless of salary, gender, field or expertise, excessive stress can cripple productivity and take a tremendous toll on physical and emotional health.


A company’s biggest expense after employee compensation is generally health insurance premiums. Direct healthcare costs are tied to ever increasing rates of chronic disease, and low productivity costs are costing corporations even more. Employers spend thousands of dollars per employee on direct healthcare costs, but that does not include absenteeism and lack of productivity at work due to fatigue caused by lack of sleep and self-care, stress, and poor diet.


This may seem daunting to employers, but there is a tremendous opportunity to help solve the problem of poor eating and lifestyle habits for your employees. Good health and balance extends far beyond food and comprises all the things that nourish the body. By investing in your employees’ health, employers are setting staff up to find better balance, lower body weight, consume more nutrient-dense foods, manage diseases, and take fewer sick days, resulting in happier, more productive, motivated and loyal employees.


And, by spending on workplace health and wellness initiatives, employers are saving money on health care costs. According to U.S. News & World Report, “Harvard research has shown that returns on these programs can be as high as six times the investment and that the average return is $2.71 for every dollar spent.”


Shannon Terschluse


“Where do I start?” You may be asking yourself.

That’s where I come in. I’m Shannon Terschluse, Certified Holistic Health Coach, 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, and the Founder of Find Your Prana, a full-service health and wellness company offering workplace wellness workshops and customizable programs, holistic health coaching, seasonal wellness cleanses, customized clean eating meal plans, and private yoga.


As a former public relations professional (Weber Shandwick, Feeding America, DKC Public Relations) at the mercy of my clients, reporter deadlines, and work travel, and living in a world where everything is urgent, I know firsthand what it’s like to be busy, stressed, and imbalanced. Prana, a Sanskrit word used often in yoga, means the breath, the universal life force sustaining the body, the vital energy. But to me, it has always meant balance, which is what I strive to provide to my clients.


Shannon TerschluseI believe that health should be approached from a holistic sense. Finding balance and living well can be achieved through small lifestyle choices—not dieting, not compulsive exercise, and certainly not letting the stresses of work take the reins.


I am looking forward to participating in the Creative Meeting Carnival at Catalyst Ranch where I’ll be sharing more information about my workplace wellness workshops, including Road Warriors: Living Well on the Road, The Sugar Blues, Eating for Energy, and yoga classes of varying styles, all of which would be great add-ons to your next meeting at the Ranch. I will also be sharing information about my brand new Customizable Workplace Wellness Cleanse program. So, stop by my booth to pick my brain, play my Prize Wheel, and learn more about how you can improve the health and wellness of your employees.


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