Catalyst Ranch was the first venue in Chicago to realize that the results of any offsite meeting can be enhanced if attendees are placed in the right environment. Our quirky colorful meeting space in the West Loop inspires guests to have the most beneficial offsite meeting possible. We put this theory into practice in our own offices. The walls are colorful and feature eclectic artwork from around the world. Our desks and other furnishings are vintage and perfectly mismatched. The first time I sat at my desk, I was thrilled to see a kooky pen cup preloaded with pencils, pens, markers, and, of course, pipe cleaners. I looked to my left and saw a sunny orange file holder, and to my right, a puppet! The bold colors and unexpected desk accessories make Catalyst Ranch an inviting, inspiring, comfortable place to work. But even with all of the amazing tchotchkes and one of a kind office supplies, there are still a few cool items that would be a nice addition to our already amazing office.

Ostrich Napping Pillow


Never underestimate amazing restorative power of a cat nap! This nifty pillow enables you to nap at your desk, on your commute, or even on a really boring date. According to the ostrich pillow creator, Studio Banana Things, this unique pillow has a “soothing cave-like interior that shelters and isolates both your head and hands, perfect for a power nap.”




The Most Adorable Vacuum Ever!

There’s just no good way to get those little crumbs and bits of dusk out of computer keyboards – or is there?! In addition to its practical value, this vacuum is so darn cute, just looking at every day will make you smile. Vacuuming might even become your new favorite chore!


This Funky Fish Tank

plant-aquarium in one

Many people enjoy the soothing effects of keeping a small fountain or aquatic life in their offices. A fish is easy to care for and will always offer a sympathetic ear when you are having a stressful day. This creative fish tank doubles as a planter, another favorite in office décor. The plant will purify the air and bring a touch of nature into your workspace. Find inner peace with this groovy fish tank/planter by designers Sheng-Zhe Feng and Ling-Yuan Chou.





lego cable holder


DIY Cord Holder

Who knew? Our little plastic Lego buddies have hands that are perfectly shaped to hold onto unruly cords and cables!






Under the Desk Foot Hammock

Doesn’t the sensation of lying in a hammock with a gentle breeze blowing through your hair remind you of a relaxing summer vacation and make you breathe a little easier? Put your feet up for a moment with this foot hammock that adjusts to fit under almost any desk. We have a few full size hammocks at the Ranch that hang by the windows in the Cha Cha room, but a wee one like this for my feet would be nice!

foot hammock'Can you predict the next trend in funky office furnishings? Maybe you’ve already started a trend! Please share pictures and links of your favorite desk accessories in the comments section below!