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At Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s most creative meeting venue, we understand that to have a well-balanced meeting, you cannot forget about health and wellness.  We’ve been working with 4-Star Green-Certified caterer, Big Delicious Planet, for years to offer a variety of fresh, healthy meals to satisfy vegans, meat lovers, and everyone in between.  We’ve expanded our Continental Breakfast to include even more options to help meeting attendees start their day with energy like flax and chia seeds, Greek yogurt, and even more seasonal fruits.  We’ve also added hummus, tomato, and cucumbers to our bagel topping choices.  We partner with other mindful organizations to promote health and wellness in the workplace.  One of our meeting mix-in partners is Healthful Habits offers interactive corporate workshops about rejuvenating the body and mind to create a happy, healthy, and productive workplace.

The Ranch Hands, our friendly staff, all have their own approaches to staying healthy at work.  We asked six Ranch Hands what they do to stay healthy in the workplace.  Here are a few tips!!

fanfair 021


Lauren, Gala Girl, says, “I know breakfast is the important meal of the day, so I try to have a breakfast that includes protein, like a hard-boiled egg, every morning.”




Meredith Woolard

Meredith, aka “Miss Meetings,” goes for a walk every day after lunch to get some exercise and much-needed vitamin D from the sun.  Imagine that in Chicago’s winter!  You go girl!  Meredith also knows quite a bit about using food as fuel.  Check out her guest blog to learn about seven foods that will keep you energized throughout your meeting.





Arin, Client Liaison and Social Media Sorcerer, says, “I ride my bike to work several days a week which gives me a natural boost of energy to start the day.”  She also says, “Follow us on Twitter!  And Pinterest!”





Erica Pics 2 020

Erica, Diva of the Front Desk, drinks green tea and green juice for the nutrients, antioxidants, and other health benefits.




Amber BookenbergerAmber, The Invoicer, gets up from her desk to stretch her legs and take walks around the Ranch.  This not only gives her a chance to look away from the computer, but she gets to see all the nifty new furnishings and tchotchkes at the Ranch.




OpenHouseCatalystRanch-B27Byanca, our evening shift captain, is a busy wife, mother, and student, so she makes her own fruit smoothies to ensure she gets all those tasty nutrients even on her craziest days!  Byanca also makes creative afternoon and evening snacks for our clients including beverages!  Here are a few secret summery, healthy drink recipes, so you can try one of Byanca’s La Croix Refreshers!



Sparkling Raspberry Lemon Spritzer

  • Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • Lime La Croix
  • Raspberries, pureed
  • Ice

Mix one part lemon juice with one part lime La Croix.  Add raspberry puree (about a tablespoon per serving.) Pour over ice.  Garnish with fresh or frozen raspberries.

Hawaiian Passionfruit Spritzer

  • Coconut La Croix and/or Grapefruit La Croix
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapple
  • Ice

Blend all of the ingredients.  (Add agave nectar or honey for added sweetness.) Enjoy!


Have a great tip or a simple healthy recipe?  Share in the comments!