Here at Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s most creative meeting venue, we give away a different prize every month to one lucky Ranch visitor selected at random!  The chance to win a cool gift adds even more fun and excitement to your day here, and we’re just generous like that!  Sometimes the prize is an inspiring book, an interactive brain-stretching activity, or a unique piece of ethnic art, like this month’s prize!   Announcing our June Giveaway Prize . . .

Peruvian Sculpture & Candleholder

Peruvian Sculpture front


This month, Catalyst Ranch is giving away a wonderfully unique prize to one lucky winner! This hand painted Peruvian clay sculpture features three musicians playing their instruments. It also functions as a candleholder, and has 3 cups on the back of each figure where you can place your candlesticks. This authentic & whimsical folk art piece would make a lovely addition to any décor and would be a great way to bring a bit of the flavor of Catalyst Ranch into your own workspace! Stop by the reception desk when you visit us this month to enter to win this fantastic prize!


Peruvian Sculpture back


Congratulations to last month’s winner, Jeff Karp from Sargento, who won the Labyrinth 4D puzzle!