Welcome guest blogger, SoHoSoleil’s Amelia Merritt!  SoHoSoleil Locations is an exclusive group of New York City day rental lofts with creative meeting spaces for corporate meetings and events, photography and video shoots. Since 1996, their lofts have been providing energizing off-site settings for creative workshops.  Today Amelia is sharing five easy ways to get your creativity flowing!

How do you get some of that ever-elusive creativity when you need it? While becoming creative on demand is not an exact art, here are five tips SoHoSoleil uses at their New York offsite meeting locations that will certainly help get you into the creative mindset.

SoHo flipchart

Get a window seat

How great would it be if the moment you walked into the meeting room, you felt inspired? That would certainly make meetings run more smoothly. A good view can do just the trick. A simple glance out the window at the surrounding rooftops can help employees feel inspired and motivated, making for a more productive meeting.

Work with flying colors

Creativity and color are practically synonymous. Designing a space that harbors lots of colors can help meeting attendees get out of their day-to-day mindset and look at ideas with a fresh perspective. Blue in particular is proven to boost the creative mindset.

SOHo Soleil Meeting Room 2

Strike a balance

While color is extremely beneficial, it should not be overwhelming. A balance must be struck between a colorful and minimalistic approach when designing a meeting space. Attendees should feel that the space is open and uncluttered, resulting in an atmosphere of calmness and candidness.

Look your ideas in the eye

Physically writing out your ideas is a great way to come up with more. SoHoSoleil encourages clients to post their collateral all over the walls of our lofts. Often times the room will be so covered with sticky notes, you can’t even distinguish the windows from the walls. Seeing your work before you helps spur the brain to make connections and formulate additional ideas.

SoHo Soleil Meeting Room 1

Get a move on

Sitting all day stifles creativity and lulls employees into a hazy mindset. Breaks every 90 minutes are proven to help keep employees alert. Even better, however, is participating in full-on physical action. Physical activities thoroughly refresh your mind while encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and bond with fellow meeting attendees. SoHoSoleil’s large, open meeting spaces have been known to host some pretty adventurous activities, from double-dutch jump roping to hide and seek.

These five tips are sure to help you get into the creative mindset. Booking a meeting at an offsite meeting location such as Catalyst Ranch and SoHoSoleil is a great first step to boost your creativity through the roof.