At Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s creative meeting venue, we meet clients from companies large and small who are holding their offsite meetings and retreats at the Ranch.  Many of our clients are non-profit organizations, and to support their hard work, we offer discounts on meetings and special events for our NPO clients.  We have also donated or subsidized our space for fundraisers.  Some of our favorite fundraisers at the Ranch are projectMUSIC for LYDIA Home, the Kaleidoscope Annual Art Auction, and Harmony Hope Humanity, a fundraiser produced by Catalyst Ranch staff to provide aid to Japan after the 2011 earthquake through the Red Cross of America.  Today’s Creative Juice is a fine mixture of five great resources for non-profit managers!


EPIC: Engaging Philanthropy Inspiring Creatives

epic_logo1EPIC empowers creative people to use their talent for social good. Non-profit managers are paired with teams of creative professionals who share their talent and skills to produce strategic, probono campaigns for their NPO clients. Creatives share their expertise and collaborate with non-profits over the course of an eight-week creative rally.
It’s the ultimate win-win situation! “For creatives, it’s the chance to work with other like-minded professionals across the industry . . . For nonprofits, it’s the chance to develop the kind of world-class, strategic marketing that their missions deserve. And when nonprofits and creative people join forces, they make a bigger impact on the world than either could alone.”


Zealous Good

zealous good_LogoThe concept of Zealous Good is simple and brilliant! Individuals and companies donate their unwanted items, and those items are distributed to specific charities that need them. Non-profit managers can create a wishlist of the things that they need, be it furniture, office supplies, light bulbs – you name it! When an item you need is donated, you are alerted and can contact the donor to request the item for your organization. The donor selects the charity it wishes to give the item to and the donor and the NPO connect. NPOs get something to help their business and the donor gets a tax receipt for his or her contribution. Donors know that their unwanted possessions are going to support a cause that they believe in. Recycling never felt so good!

Fractured Atlas




For non-profit arts organizations, Fractured Atlas provides the tools you need to maintain your business, so you can spend more time focused on creating art! Fractured Atlas has a wide variety of resources to help non-profits raise money through their fiscal sponsorship program, get insurance, build an audience, and find workspace. They also offer continuing education for artists to build their business skills.



Foundation Center

Foundation_CenterThe mission of the Foundation Center is to strengthen the social sector by advancing knowledge about philanthropy in the U.S. and around the world. The Foundation Center conducts research about philanthropic trends and shares that information with grant makers and grant seekers through their libraries and learning centers and online. Their web site offers an extensive variety of free search tools, tutorials, downloadable reports, and other information that is updated daily. This site is loaded with information, so start here on the welcome page for new visitors!






Blue Avocado

blueavocado_logoBlue Avocado is the e-zine of that provides “practical and provocative fun food-for-thougth for non-profits.” Here you’ll find a plethora of articles relevant to all aspects of non-profit management including non-profit industry news, best practices, and non-profit jokes to try out at your next fundraiser!


Do you have another resource to add to this list?  Please share it in the comments section!