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Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s most creative meeting venue, is staffed by a talented team of quirky characters known as Ranch Hands. Many individuals who have artistic leanings are drawn to Catalyst Ranch’s colorful workspace, diverse clientele, and co-workers of similar sensibility. That’s why you’ll find that every Ranch Hand leads a full life filled with an array of artistic pursuits and exciting adventures.   We asked ten Ranch Hands to name one unique experience or fun fact from their past.  Now, it is up to you to match the numbered experiences below to the Ranch Hands pictured below!  If you want to do a little research first, you can learn more about our amazing staff here.  The person who makes the most correct matches will win an amazing prize!!  Play the game at your next staff meeting and get to know your team by following the instructions at the end of this post!


Ranch Hand Adventures


1)      This Ranch Hand hang glided in the French Alps.

2)      This Ranch Hand once spent half a day locked in a convent in Prague.

3)      This Ranch Hand worked as a holiday tree decorator at the Chicagoland Macy’s stores.

4)      This Ranch Hand was searched at rifle point by six armed marines at an airport in New York City.

5)      This Ranch Hand worked as an Apprentice Baker for two years.

6)      This Ranch Hand flew a small plane without ever taking a flight lesson at the age of 21.

7)      This Ranch Hand traveled for 24 hours from Chicago to Melbourne, Australia without using the bathroom once.

8)      This Ranch Hand has dissected six cadavers.

9)      This Ranch Hand played a violin with two strings in an Aerosmith music video.

10)   This Ranch Hand raised goats and trained them to run obstacle courses wearing backpacks.


Ranch Hands


Ranch Hand Match Game



Now make your best guesses and leave them in the comments section!!  Thank you for playing!  Tune in next week when the truth about the Ranch Hands is revealed!  We’ll announce the matches and the lucky winner on Thursday, April 3!

Get to Know Your Team at Your Next Offsite Meeting

Play the Ranch Hand Adventure Match Game at your next offsite meeting! Have everyone write down their unknown fun fact or adventure on a slip of paper.  If you need a prompt, think of travel adventures and misadventures, past jobs, or past accomplishments – maybe one of your co-workers was valedictorian or has completed a marathon!  Mix the slips up and have one person record all of the adventures on a flip chart.  On a sheet of paper, everyone writes down their guesses as to which adventure goes with each co-worker.  Then, everyone reveals which story is theirs and the person with the most correct matches wins!  A fun way to get to know your team and share your own crazy stories!