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Chicago’s Catalyst Ranch is a great place to have your offsite meeting or company retreat! The unique, colorful, eclectic décor is designed to stimulate new ways of thinking which is what you want your team to do, right? But what can you do to make the most of your time and ensure success at a retreat?  The Ranch is thrilled to welcome Jackie Sloane and Anil Saxena to the Ranch next week for an interactive presentation on “Leading the Transformational Retreat.” This seminar empowers leaders with the tools and skills needed to plan and execute a powerful, meaningful, productive retreat!

Retreats Gone Wrong (and Right!)

The interwebs are full of horror stories from poorly planned, mismanaged retreats that went awry. Complaints range from the fact that only the most senior (and sometimes most out-of-touch) members of the organization have the opportunity to speak, that difficult issues are brushed aside for a further discussion that never takes place, and that far too much money is spent on lame activities and “gifts.”  (Seriously, does a cheap mug/towel/water bottle stamped with your company’s logo really make you want to work harder?)  Tales of embarrassing karaoke nights, awkward extreme sports challenges, and cheesy giveaways dominate over stories of successful retreats.  Here is one particularly fun article about some very not fun retreats!

However, a successful retreat can build relationships and boost morale. With proper planning, clear goals, and skilled leadership, retreats enable teams to tackle challenging issues such as transforming company policies, values, and culture and develop usable plans for positive change and increased productivity. A skilled leader creates an open environment for discussion and processes for decision-making, so everyone has a voice and real work can get done! Ideally, your staff will return to work invigorated rather than exhausted from a retreat, with renewed energy and commitment to the organization’s mission. In “Leading the Transformational Retreat,” you’ll learn practical skills to approach retreats in a way that is truly transformational.

Leading the Transformational Retreat

UntitledSeasoned leadership and transformation consultants, Jackie Sloane and Anil Saxena, will present this highly interactive session at the Ranch, in which participants examine six questions that will change the way they think about retreat planning. The seminar is recommended for leaders of all kinds, especially those in new roles or working with newly formed teams. It will also benefit leaders who wish to set a new direction, transform a culture, and those who need people to operate at a higher level of creativity, collaboration, or efficiency.

You’ll be in good hands with Jackie Sloane and Anil Saxena! With over 40 years of combined experience, they have worked with leaders to create, launch, and implement successful transformation initiatives. They have served leaders at privately held, public sector, not-for-profit, and Fortune 300 organizations across many industries, including communications, consumer products, education, manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, publishing, and retail.

Jackie SloaneSloane Communications, Inc., founded in 1989 by Jackie Sloane, provides coaching, consulting and training to enhance clients’ abilities in engaging others and producing results through relationships. The experts at Sloane Communications teach leadership, communication, and relationship-building through their workshops. They also offer coaching and planning for meeting facilitators, executive coaching, and leadership assessments.

Join Us!

RSVP here for this a seminar on The Power of Transformational Retreats!
Monday, March 3, 2014, 3:00pm – 5:00pm.