When is the last time you heard a great story?  Was it an outrageous tale at a dinner party? A good ghost story told by campfire light?  An unexpected anecdote a business meeting?  Stories are all around us, and a good story can be an effective means of communicating in business.   Since they have a way with words, allow the experts at StoryStudio Chicago to explain the connection between storytelling and business: “Good stories compel us to read on – to turn the page or buy the next book in a series. This ability to ‘persuade’ is a vital component of any communication. A well-crafted story can change our minds and compel us to take action. That’s what a well-crafted business communication should do, too: persuade the reader and motivate him or her to action.”

Sundowner Series

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Chicago’s Catalyst Ranch is not only a unique meeting and special event venue; it is also a meeting place for a community of innovative thinkers.  We host a Sundowner Series at the Ranch, and our Sundowner events are a gathering of creative thoughts, people and ideas at day’s end.  Events are open to the public and feature talented insightful authors, speakers and special guests who impart wisdom that inspires and empowers individuals from an array of industries.  Previous Sundowner topics range from Dealing with Difficult People to Incorporating Games to Meet Corporate Objectives to Time Management Techniques.

Up Next: “May I Have Your Attention?  Learn the Secrets of Storytelling to Grab and Keep Your Audience” with Jill Pollack


Catalyst Ranch is delighted to host Jill Pollack, founder and director of StoryStudio Chicago and Words for Work, in this exciting seminar that will equip you with the tools to make your voice heard, to think like a storyteller and become a more successful writer in the workplace.  StoryStudio Chicago was founded in  2003 as a community of writers building Chicago’s center for writing and related arts.  StoryStudio offers opportunities to help writers “tell stories better and to a broader audience.”  StoryStudio welcomes writers from beginners to professionals to participate in their classes, discussions and workshops.

“We love stories and the people who tell them.”

The StoryStudio Words for Work program borrows strategies and techniques from novelists, journalists and even poets to help business writers develop messages that are clear, concise and compelling.  StoryStudio offers classes in Creative Writing, Business Writing and Communication Strategy at their lovely studio on Ravenswood, such as DIY Public Relations, Nonfiction Now and Real World Grammar.  (It can’t hurt to brush up on those crucial writing skills that are too oft forgotten in our digital society; proper grammar, sentence structure and punctuation still count!)

Hear – or Tell – A Story

StoryStudio also offers courses that teach writers how to craft a great story and tell it live to a group of perhaps hundreds of strangers.   Live storytelling events (also referred to as Live Lit or Story Slams – just so you know the lingo!), have emerged as a hip form entertainment as folks disengage from their devices and re-engage in one of civilization’s oldest pastimes.    If you are interested in checking out a live story event, and maybe sharing one of your own stories (after you’ve learned the tricks of the trade from Ms. Pollack!) try:

  • The Moth: The Moth is an acclaimed not-for-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling.  Founded in 1997, the Moth features “true stories told live” in venues across the United States.
  • 2nd Story: This collective of story-lovers and story-makers hosts events throughout the city.   A typical show consists of three to five “stories dispersed throughout the evening like courses in a meal.” Each story is combined with musical accompaniment or audio accents to enhance the spoken story.
  • Story Club: With monthly shows on the north side and south side of Chicago, Story Club mixes the spontaneity of an open mic with the experience of live theater in “a forum in which people can rock the mic right!”

But first, join us for this incredible StoryStudio event and learn how to sharpen your story-telling skills!  RSVP here for “May I Have Your Attention?  Learn the Secrets of Storytelling to Grab and Keep Your Audience” on Tuesday, March 11th from 6-8:30 pm.

Have you successfully used story-telling to motivate your clients or colleagues to action?  Please share in the comments below!