Want to wow your valentine?  You could spend hours reading greeting cards and still not find the perfect message, so write your own!  Everyone appreciates the thought and effort that goes into a hand-crafted gift, so why not make your own personalized scratch-off Valentine’s Day cards?  The crafty administrative staff at Chicago’s Catalyst Ranch created unique scratch-off Valentines that you can make in 6 easy steps!  Compose secret messages hidden under scratch-off hearts to share with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!  You can make as many cards as you want using the same basic design, and then personalize the message depending on who the Valentine is for – just don’t get them mixed up!!


  • Cardstock
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Any Other Embellishments
  • Dish Soap
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Laminated or Contact Paper


1.) Fold your cardstock in half.  Create your design, adding embellishments with scrapbook paper, stickers, or photos.  Designate an area for your hidden message to be revealed under a scratch-off shape.  This can simply be a rectangle or a festive shape like a heart.

Valentines 3


2.) Prepare a paint mixture using two parts acrylic paint for every one part dish soap. Mix it up well, but try not to stir too aggressively to avoid creating bubbles.  (We used silver paint, but the color scheme is up to you!)

3.) Paint the laminated paper using thin, even layers. Don’t worry if you can still see through it after the first coat; it will most likely take two or three coats to get it all covered.

4.) After the paint is thoroughly dry, cut out the shape

[s] to match the message shape[s] on your card.  (We used a stencil to keep all the hearts consistent.)

Valentines 1

5.) Peel off the backing of the laminated paper and cover your message.

6.) Give to your loved ones!

Valentines 4


Ta-da!  We hope you have fun creating your cards and delight in seeing your Valentine reveal your message!  Huge thanks to the Kaitlin, Erica and Evan at the Ranch for creating these inspiring designs!

Have a creative idea for cards and gifts on Valentine’s Day?  Please share it in the comments!