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Planning a winter wedding can present a few challenges – stilettos or snow boots? –  that you wouldn’t face in another season, but a winter wedding also provides you with plenty of opportunities to make your wedding personalized and unique!  Here are five tips to help you make the most of your wintertime wedding!

winter wedding cakeEmbrace the Color Palette

If you are getting married in winter don’t try to pretend it’s secretly summer. Winter is just as beautiful in its own way and the great outdoors are a wonderful inspiration for wintertime weddings.  White snow reflects the sun, and ice sparkles on the trees which translates into an elegant white and silver wedding decor palette.  Consider using natural elements that resemble the landscape and incorporate pine cones or snowflake confetti into your table design.  You can even let your wedding cake be shaped by the season, like this!

Winter Cocktails

s'more hot cocoa

A signature drink can make your reception unique and memorable.  Surprise your guests and keep them warm with off-beat warm cocktails.  A cup of spiked cocoa or a hot toddy is a great winter treat that brings back fond memories of childhood and holidays past.  Put a twist on the traditional hot chocolate like this s’mores hot chocolate for the perfect toast!

Off-Season Discounts

Did you always imagine your wedding would be the fanciest shindig possible? Or have you had your eye on that incredibly popular venue? A winter wedding makes both more possible. One of the benefits of a winter wedding is increased availability at wedding venues!  This could translate to a discount for you – many venues and vendors offer off-season discounts and reduced rates.  Be sure to take advantage of these deals and save that extra cash for your honeymoon!

Celebrate your Style

Despite freezing temperatures, be brave and take some outdoor photos!  Playing in the snow brings out the kid in everyone, and your photographer can capture some great shots of you and your partner laughing with big natural smiles.

NYE Holi Photoshoot 162

And what is more romantic than a couple kissing under a swirl of snowflakes?  Bonus!  It’s also a great time to show off your cool accessories – whether it is a wrap, bolero, or dramatic cloak.  Choose elegant traditional white or funk it up with a vibrant color!  Or, escape the cold, and find an bright, eclectic place, like Catalyst Ranch, for an exciting backdrop!

Destination Wedding

If all else fails, get the heck out of town!  Your friends and family will be thrilled to get out of the cold to attend your Caribbean wedding!

Have a creative idea for a winter wedding?  We want to hear from you in the comments section below!!