Today’s blog entry is guest written by Kristin Neperud Merz of where she has been designing, branding and doing all things creative since 2000. Kristin also serves Catalyst Ranch as a Creative Strategist and is our designer of all things digital. You can see some of her fabulous work in our website redesign which is now live! She is also the writer of  ”Unscribbling: The Art of Problem Solving and Fulfilling Your Ideas.” 

The Ripple Effect of One Idea

This month marks Catalyst Ranch’s 11 year anniversary. Normally we would just say, “Congratulations!” for such a truly admirable accomplishment… but I don’t think that is adequate in this case at all. What I think is more appropriate is a huge, I mean HUGE, “Thank you!”  (Read on to see why.)


Kristin Neperud Merz

We could say thank you for soooo many things:

• The wonderful times had by so many visitors over the years

• Shaking up people’s brains as they step into the space

• The inspiration Catalyst Ranch (the place, business and people) facilitates

• For being such an involved business in the community

• For their charitable contributions

• For the AMAZING service and making so many people’s meeting and events turn out so wonderfully

• But most of all I think a what I think is needed is a thank you to Eva for having the courage to follow this wonderful idea of her’s and create Catalyst Ranch.

It is this last point that I’d really like to expand on here, because it absolutely blows my mind the amount of impact Eva’s one idea has rippled out into the world. This one idea has inspired so much already and it is still going! I mean, think about it. Let’s do the math…

Now I don’t know the exact number’s of the business, so I’ll go with some conservative guesses here and a standard if/then equation to look at the impact Eva’s one idea has created in the world. So:

IF there are MAYBE 30 meetings a month,

with MAYBE 30 attendees in each meeting,

and each attendee has on average 5 ideas that are generated from holding their meeting in this super inspiring space,

that = 4,500 ideas a month.

And that was just with the meetings… we are not even counting the number of Events and Focus Groups that are held there too! So, I think we can safely DOUBLE that number and say easily that on average 9,000 ideas are generate a MONTH from people visiting Catalyst Ranch.

Multiply that by (11 years x 12 months in a year)

= 1,188,000 ideas

Eva Niewiadomski

Eva Niewiadomski

So I still think this is on the low side, but it is save to say that OVER 1 MILLION IDEAS have rippled out of Eva’s 1 idea to create Catalyst Ranch.

(Okay, okay, you are saying ideas would have been generated too if they had been at a boring hotel conference center too… but really, we all know it would not have been as many or as good of quality. I mean, let’s get real. A boring hotel conference room would be lucky if it could generate half the ideas.)

Even if only 1% of those ideas generated were followed up on and implemented in the world, that is 11,880 direct actions and impacts on the world from 1. One idea and one woman who had the courage to take action and follow her inspiration. For that, I and the world say, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

But lets take this a ripple further

Let’s blow our minds a little more here and look at how those ideas are rippling out into the world:

IF 11,880 ideas have been acted upon,

and let’s say they have a TENTH of the impact Eva’s one idea had, that is… 1,188 more ideas based off of each of those individual ideas,

so, 11,880 first degree ideas put into action, times 1,188 second degree ideas = 14,113,440 MORE ideas in the second ripple of influence


Okay, so let’s say 1% of those ideas are followed up on, that = 141,134 ACTED upon ideas.

THINK ABOUT HOW THIS KEEPS RIPPLING OUT INTO THE WORLD! In just one more ripple out… my calculator can not even display the number. It is absolutely awe inspiring the phenomenally positive influence of creative ideas that one idea and one woman has had on the world.

Doesn’t that just make you want to go out and act on your one idea? So on this 11 year anniversary let’s raise a glass to Eva, say, “Thank you!” from the bottom of our hearts and follow her inspiration once more and act on YOUR one idea. Let’s see the ripple you can let loose in the world!

And once again, “Thank you, Eva, for the ripple you have created!”