BELogoCatalyst Ranch is thrilled to be hosting Allie LeFevere’s Beauty Experiment on October 12th! Beauty Experiment is a revolutionary workshop designed to (in Allie’s own words)  “redefine your relationship with your body. With food. With your reflection. To love you again.  And act like it. To call yourself beautiful.  And mean it.” Allie was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to share some of her favorite Beauty Experiment tips.


by Allie LeFevere

Of the cities I’ve wandered, Florence, by far, holds the gold medal for beauty, masterpiece and damn good chianti.  Really really damn good chianti.

During my time in Italy

[and aside from over-indulging in olives, art and Google Translate] I had a lot of time to just think, reflect and get all introspective.  And as I sat there admiring the decaying paint and quirky cobble, I couldn’t help but wonder why don’t we look at ourselves with such reverence?  Appreciation of character?  Why are we somehow flawed if we aren’t symmetrical, shiny and new?

Because you are just as unique and opulent as any cathedral.  And a hell of a lot younger.  But you beat yourself up with words like fat and ugly and next time.  And those words build a life of insecurity and loneliness and regret.

And those thoughts made me angry, and pardon my “Italian”, pissed me off quite a bit.  So much so, that I decided I wanted to help women create a different story — a story, I call Beauty Experiment.  Created to help you change your world and flip your dialogue.

To live a life of more courageous compliments, applauded birthdays and remarkable moments.

So love yourself liberally.  Love yourself more.  Love yourself now, you sexy scoop of gelato, you.

And to get that reflection revolution started, I’ve whipped up a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to get the self-love rollin’:  5 Ways to Love Your Body + Actually be Kind to It [instead, of whatever it is you’re doing now].


1.  Shift Focus.  Gaze in the mirror at your favorite feature.  Instead of berating your breasts, look into your beautiful brown eyes.  Spotlighting body parts you love, will flip the mental chatter from negative to positive.

2.  Hang with a Beauty Bestie.   Spend time with folks who make you feel good inside + out.  Sincere complimenters are great to keep by your side because they help you see the gorgeous qualities you’re too damn busy over-looking.

3.  Quit criticizing.  Other people.  Yeah, those people who aren’t you.  The more you point out other people’s perceived flaws, the more you’ll point out your own.

4.  Disengage.  With all the magazines and TV shows and Facebook pages that praise being skinny and perfect and airbrushed to high-heaven.

5.  Clean it up.  Your diet and exercise-routine.  They set the foundation for how you feel, so fuel your bod with good nutrition and break a little sweat each day.  Because it’s hard to feel bad about a body you’re taking great care of.

Come be a part of Beauty Experiment, October 12th at Catalyst Ranch! And don’t forget to sound off in the comments below!