philosophyblog copyAs you may have noticed, got a major design overhaul. We completely revamped the entire site from top to bottom and came away with a site that is bigger, better, faster, stronger. We’ve loved all the great feedback we’ve gotten from our clients, facilitators, vendors and partners! We’ll be using our blog as a space to give you a behind the scenes look at some of our new pages, their content, design and the thought behind them. One of the core changes to the site has been a more in depth explanation of the Catalyst Ranch Philosophy.

Catalyst Ranch’s core philosophy remains and always has been that disorientation is essential to creativity and new thought, and that nostalgia triggers purposeful play. On the new page however we’ve broken that philosophy down into all its component parts and devised a magic formula of ingredients that make the Catalyst Ranch Philosophy as effective as it is.

Disorientation – One way to open the mind and clear it of stale, preconceived notions is to disorient it. Disorientation is essential to creativity and new thought.

Nostalgia – Memories of childhood inevitably rekindle the child-like self, when we all had booming imaginations and no one thought about whether or not they were creative.

PhilosDiversity – Many people grow up with another language, culture and traditions. We think it’s important to welcome, acknowledge and value all the aspects that make each person unique. That’s why our rooms are filled with ethnic furniture, rugs, pillows and artwork in unique combinations.

Space to Roam – It’s important to free up thinking by giving meeting attendees space to wander and explore. Instead of giving you many small, windowless rooms to use as breakouts, we’ve incorporated them into your meeting room.

Engage the Senses – You have five senses (some may even have a sixth), so why not engage all of them and kick your brain into high gear?

Tailor-Made – We know that each meeting has a different objective and not all room set-ups are conducive to achieving your goals. That’s why the space is so flexible.

Partners – You’ll have a dedicated Client Services Manager who will be your point person. Not only will they ensure that you are in the best room to suit your needs, they’ll take care of all your meeting details, brainstorm room setups and make suggestions for additional activities, facilitators, dinners and entertainment in the booming West Loop neighborhood where we’re located.

And finally No Pricing Surprises – Our pricing is all inclusive. A/V equipment, meeting supplies, wireless internet, tech support, unlimited hot and cold beverages and two delicious snack services are all part of the package.

What do you think of the Catalyst Ranch Philosophy and the design of the new page? Sound off in the comments below!