Eva installs Dilini's new cubicle

When Dilini Fernando, an Associate Brand Manager over at Miller and the winner of this years Cubicle Makeover Contest, submitted to us she mentioned that she is “expected to be at the epi-center of all things fun/hip/chic/Millennial but right now, my desk hardly reflects that.” In designing her Cubicle Makeover Catalyst Ranch’s Eva Niewiadomski and Lauren Smith took that very statement as their inspiration. “The approach we took to the cubicle makeover was to first gain an understanding of Dilini’s role within the organization, her challenges and frustrations surrounding her cubicle and her hobbies/likes/background,” says Eva. “We then used that information to ensure that we were addressing all those aspects in our design.”

“Her work in understanding and developing marketing programs to target the 21-34 yr. old male demographic to drink Miller Light led to the creation of the Beer Bottle Dudes (aka Miller Nation).”


MillerCoors Cubicle Makeover_110

MillerCoors Cubicle Makeover_119MillerCoors Cubicle Makeover_109

“Each of the 6 dudes reflects a different personality within the segment. Because Dilini once was a DJ and had her own music label and continues to have a love of music, we created the altar to Music Gods (ie. Elvis, Mick Jagger, Ziggy Stardust) and a couple of simple toys with Gogo Dancers from the 60s.”

Rock n Roll Shrine

“And to help make her cubicle more fun and less cluttered, we gave her a new mousepad, a selection of toys, a couple of plants and a curtain to hide her stash of stuff.”

MillerCoors Cubicle Makeover_113

MillerCoors Cubicle Makeover_117MillerCoors Cubicle Makeover_106




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