Balaning-ActAs anyone who has been to Catalyst Ranch knows, there is nowhere else quite like Catalyst Ranch. And now we are pleased to unveil our brand new website that highlights just how unique the Ranch truly is. The new site was created by our designer of all things digital, (and frequent guest blogger) Kristin Neperud Merz of Unscribbled, in conjunction with the Ranch’s marketing team. We love the new look!

Most importantly though, our new site has a renewed energy and focus on what matters most to our clients: how Catalyst Ranch makes your planning and meeting as seamless and stress free as possible while providing an atmosphere that ignites the imagination, sparks creativity and encourages collaboration. However it’s not just the environment that makes a meeting at Catalyst Ranch so unique. It’s also the resources that we provide. From our always on-call Ranch Hands and the delicious, creative snacks to the complimentary, Catalyst Ranch created and facilitated energizers to the Meeting Mix-In’s and Add-On’s that you won’t find anywhere else, Catalyst Ranch makes meeting planning as innovative and effortless as you can imagine. All this, coupled with the ease of our no-hassle all inclusive pricing, comes together into what we call, The Well-Balanced Meeting. And now our new website makes it easier than ever to create the perfect meeting here at the Ranch.

Other Big Changes

In addition to The Well-Balanced Meeting there are some other changes afoot on the new website. We want you to explore and discover them yourself, but here are some of our favorites!

Room Pages: Our new website gives you the most intimate and detailed view of our rooms and their capabilities short of actually standing in the middle of the room. Room pages feature interactive tours, gorgeous photos of all the different setups and breakout spaces, many of which were shot by Luis and Clarissa of iluvphoto, as well as action shots to show you what a live meeting is actually like. We even have brand new floor plans of some of the more common setups to give you a birds-eye view!

Page 1 of the Polka Room downloadable PDF

Page 1 of the Polka Room downloadable PDF

Downloadable PDFs: Every room at Catalyst Ranch now also has a detailed, downloadable and print friendly PDF featuring more stunning photography from iluvphoto and centralized easy to read information.

Mix-Ins & Add-Ons: Brand new Meeting Mix-Ins and Add-Ons to enhance the value of your meeting! Many of these were developed in-house here at the Ranch and you won’t find them anywhere else – like the Catalyst Ranch Comedy Club.

Focus Groups: We’ve offered focus group options for some time, but now our website reflects just how robust those offerings are.

Testimonials: One of my personal favorite new pages! The new art style and format is delightful and so Catalyst Ranch!

And literally thousand of other changes throughout the site! It’s all in service of giving you the best tools to create your own Well-Balanced Meeting at Catalyst Ranch.

With Their Powers Combined…

Just what is The Well-Balanced Meeting, you ask? Here are the elements that make a meeting at Catalyst Ranch extra-ordinary.

Icons_PhilosophyThe Catalyst Ranch Philosophy

At Catalyst Ranch we believe that disorientation is essential to creativity and new thought and that nostalgia triggers purposeful play. That’s why we fill the rooms with vintage furniture, vast amounts of artwork, ethnic furnishings, toys and books – not what you typically see in a conference room. Further we know that the different cultures, traditions and upbringings we all have create the best dialogue which is why our rooms are also filled with ethnic furniture, rugs, pillows and artwork in unique combinations. We value and acknowledge that every meeting is different and tailor our room setups specifically to your needs.

Icons_Environment-EyeCreative Environment

Catalyst Ranch’s unique blend of whimsy, vintage Americana and ethnic art bring an extra jolt of creativity to your meeting. We also give you space to wander and explore and we’ve incorporated breakout spaces your beautiful, sunlit meeting room – no windowless conference rooms like you might find elsewhere. Every element of our environment has been specifically tailored to get you thinking, creatively, collaboratively and outside the box, inevitably rekindling the child-like self, when we all had booming imaginations.

Icons_Ranch-HandsRanch Hands

At Catalyst Ranch we’re your full service partners, from your personal, dedicated client services manager who will help you plan your meeting, to our Ranch Hands who will meet all of your needs on the day of. We’re with you every step of the way.


Big Delicious Planet, the first caterer in the nation with a 4-star Certified Green Restaurant, is our sole partner for all catering needs for client meetings. As their name suggests, the Big Delicious Planet menus infuse flavor influences from all over the globe, adding creative flair to breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktail receptions.

Icons_SuppliesMeeting Supplies

We’re overflowing with meeting supplies included in the cost of your meeting. Each meeting room is equipped with a well stocked supply station so you’ll never run out of traditional supplies like pens, pads, and post-its and we’ll enhance your meeting with with flip charts, brainstorming boards and dry erase boards. Not to mention non-traditional supplies like our branded Crafting Cart and tactile toys, like Play-Doh at every table to stimulate your brain.

Icons_AVAudio Visual Resources

A creative space wouldn’t be complete without creative equipment, and Catalyst Ranch comes equipped with top of the line A/V equipment included in your meeting room rental. Every room has a sound system, wireless handheld and lavalier microphones, XM satelite radio, LCD projectors and screens. Someone can’t make the meeting? Not to worry we have the technology to stream the meeting to them. All of our Ranch Hands are cross trained in all of our A/V equipment and should a more serious problem arise, our resident “Tech Wizard” is onsite to save the day.

Icons_CherryThe Cherry On Top (aka. Meeting Extras)

Catalyst Ranch has pulled together some of the best meeting resources Chicago has to offer. Put that extra Cherry on Top of your standard meeting and turn it into the most unforgettable offsite you’ve ever hosted! Whether it’s a complimentary energizer, a mix in during your meeting, such as Bottle and Bottega or the Catalyst Ranch Comedy Club, or an offsite add-on such as a hands on cooking class at Carnivale, you’ll never be bored. We’ll work with you to hand pick the perfect activities for your group.

Icons_LocationCatalyst Ranch Neighborhood

It’s all about location! Catalyst Ranch makes its home in Chicago’s burgeoning West Loop neighborhood, home to cutting edge businesses, restaurants helmed by world-famous innovative chefs and a bustling nightlife thanks to popular music venues, art galleries, wine bars, brewpubs, outdoor cafes and nightclubs. We partner with local businesses and provide a concierge service to help meeting planners fill a multiple day meeting schedule from morning to night.

We’ll be highlighting many of these new pages in the weeks to come! In the meantime, sound off below! What do you think of the new