Welcome back to #WeddingWednesday, our semi weekly column where we bring you wedding tips, tricks, crafts, interviews and interesting Chicago wedding happenings. This week we’re all about wedding invitations. Your wedding invitation can immediately set the tone for your wedding and give your guests a fun preview of what the event will be. It’s a your chance to share a bit of what you are like as a couple with your guests. It might seem easy to skimp on the invites to save on costs – after all it’s just paper. Well we are here to tell you that it is possible to have unique, memorable invitations that don’t have to break the bank. Check out the tips below:

DIY, Baby

The first major cost saver is simple – do it yourself. With a little patience anyone can create and print their own invitations. Cutting out an expensive designer and printing company is a really easy way to keep costs low. Although make sure you know that what you are saving in money you will most likely be spending in time. To start with, there are tons of Wedding Invitation kits that you can buy or download that are very easy on the wallet. I like the price and variety of these but any stationary store and many crafts store will carry plenty.  You can even find a custom embosser online for around $40 (if embossing is your style). An embosser is great option for an engagement present too! Additionally if you don’t like any kits you find, any stationary store or even art supply store can supply you with relatively inexpensive and interesting papers to make your own design.

Save The Planet


A digital wedding invitation

Instead of the pricier and (cliche) white cardstock, get a little creative and go green! Recycled papers often have interesting textures and coloring, or if your feeling extra creative try creating your own paper from scraps. If you want to really reduce that carbon footprint, go %100 paperless with an E-Invitation. Digital invitations have gone a long way with services like Paperless Post, offering beautiful, customizable invitations, complete with RSVP tracking.

Materials Make a Statement

For something entirely different head to a vintage or thrift store where you can often find fabric for pennies. Look especially for silk and even vintage handkerchiefs or scarves. With an affordable inkjet printer and this guide, you’ll be printing elegant and unique fabric invitations in no time!

Embrace Your (and your Wedding’s) Personality:

pirateIt seems like the trend these days is that there are increasingly fewer of the traditional, rigidly formal Weddings and more and more that are uniquely tailored to the married couple to be. So if you wedding isn’t going to be white ivory and lace, why reflect that in your card? Your invite is a great way to set the tone and get people excited months in advance. Having a whimsical wedding? Go all out whimsy on the invitations. Thinking of a pirate themed reception? (Hey it could happen!) Try making your invitations into a treasure map! While there are certainly traditional ways that wedding invitations have been done in the past, nothing says you have to stick to traditional, especially if your wedding won’t be.

Ask Your Friends For Help:

So you don’t have the creativity gene? More than likely one of your friends does! You’d be surprised  by the range of creative skills that your circle of friends may be hiding. Don’t be shy about asking, the worst they can say is no and more likely than not they’ll be honored that you asked for their help!

Chime in! What are you own wedding invitation tips and tricks?