If you go back through notes from past meetings, I’d be willing to bet that somewhere amongst the bullet points are more than a few doodles (don’t worry we won’t tell). And I’d also be willing to bet that as a toddler, before you even knew what you were doing, you were drawing on every surface you could find – at least I did (Sorry about the hallway walls mom!). The point is, we all draw and we’ve all been drawing our entire lives. Catalyst Ranch is so excited to be a part of an organization that promotes this world unifying practice – The Big Draw Chicago. The Big Draw Chicago is a month long  festival in October that celebrates and promotes drawing and arts education and engagement throughout the city.


This year only marks Big Draw’s second year of existence and they have a truly ambitious slate of programming planned. They are devising dozens of happenings and art installations at some of the city’s most iconic and historical sights. And, in addition to Catalyst Ranch, they are partnering with over 30 Chicago institutions who will host programming all over the city including The Art Institute, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago Cultural Center, and Chicago Ideas Week. Their first year in 2012 was massively successful, engaging over 10,000 Chicagoans throughout the month long festival. The best part, is that with only a few exceptions all the events are completely free to the public!

The Big Draw Chicago Indiegogo Campaign from Elory Rozner on Vimeo.

Why is drawing important?

Drawing is something available to all. Sure some people are better at it or haveCave Drawings more talent or skill or have even been trained, but at its most basic, drawing is for everyone. There are no economic or geographic boundaries to who can draw and who can’t. It’s a common art form that unites us as people. Once born, drawing is one of the first creative activities that we do. It also just might be the oldest art form. Last year cave drawings were found in Spain that date back over 40,000 years. In America alone, cave drawings have been found dating back 6,000 years. It would seem that as long as there have been humans, drawing has been an integral part of our society.

Big Draw needs your help

Drawing is an art-form that deserves to be fostered, protected and celebrated. Catalyst Ranch is so proud to be a sponsor of such an important organization as The Big Draw Chicago. If you can, please donate to The Big Draw’s IndieGogo campaign and help make this year’s festival a reality!