CatalystRanchPogoLoyal blog readers, when you logged on to this morning (as I know you do so diligently every morning, right?) you may have noticed some minor (read: massive) changes. We have been working hard over the past few weeks with designer and guest blogger Kristin Neperud Merz to totally overhaul the old Catalyst Ranch blog and to make it bigger, better, faster, stronger. The Catalayst Ranch Blog version two-point-oh. Well the day has come and I’m pleased to introduce you to:


“Catalyst Ranch 2: Electric Blog-Aloo” was already taken.

Creative Juice is your destination for all the best tips, tricks and innovations for the meetings and events industries and the only place where you can get that info coupled with Catalyst Ranch’s unique brand of creativity and innovation. Not only will find ways to make your meetings and events better, but we’ll take you behind the scenes of the creative process. From interviews with authors, musicians, filmmakers and more to art that inspires us here at the Ranch, it’s all here and presented in package that is better organized, easier to navigate and more visually stimulating.

Creative Juice will also be home to information about upcoming happenings at the Ranch such as our ongoing “Match Books” and “Sundowner” series as well as special guests and philanthropic events that we partner with. Creative Juice is your one stop shop!

Sound off in the comments below and lets us know what you like and what you want to see more of! And if you haven’t already, bookmark us, subscribe, like us, pin us and follow us (online only please – not home from work) – its going to be a great ride and you won’t want to miss out.