Happy Admin Appreciation Day! It’s always one of our favorite times of year: a time to celebrate all the hardworking gals and guys that keep our offices running without a hitch! We like to reward one very special administrative assistant each year by giving their cubicle a Catalyst Ranch style transformation. For this year’s contest, we wanted to see what inspired them. As they entered the contest, we sent them a top secret word and asked them to respond back with an image of how it inspired them. We were inundated with entries and received so many more creative responses back! While each entrant who sent us back their inspiration photo will receive a special gift from us, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite entries:




Dani DaCosta (Specific Media/ Myspace)
Top Secret Word: Mechanical

Mechanical was the perfect secret word for me.  Attached is the “Mechanical” inspiration I use daily.  Here’s a quick background on it.  About two years ago my daughters purchased a motion-activated treat dispenser for me.  I love having this device at my desk.  First, it reminds me daily of my girls and we shop often to fill it.  It is also one of the best conversational pieces.  My co-workers come by for an afternoon chocolate treat and chat! 


Deborah Garza (University of Chicago) 
Top Secret Word: Illuminating

Jenna Acerra (University of Chicago)
Top Secret Word: Mariachi

“Gummiachis –Together We Achieve More”

Katelyn Wujciga (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)
Top Secret Word:  Crescendo

My secret word was CRESCENDO. Instantly, bright colors and music ran through my mind. I thought of turning my cubicle into a mini

[dance] club with lots of color. But I wanted to think outside the box a little further.

I then thought of my daily routine in the office. I come to work (tired),  I sign into my computer (tired), I get some coffee (a little less tired) and I eat breakfast (starting to wake up now!) That’s somewhat of a crescendo. I was going to pose with a box of very colorful donuts, but still, I wasn’t convinced. 

Then, it hit me!

I looked up in my cube to the Blackhawks calendar and pictures that I already have and realized the NATIONAL ANTHEM AT THE BLACKHAWKS game not only represents CRESCENDO, but ME!!! I grew up with season tickets and the Hawks have forever been a part of my life.

The stadium starts out dark, the introduction begins low and progressively gets louder and louder as the Madhouse on Madison gets brighter and brighter with color (mostly red)! Jim Cornelison comes out after the introduction to sing the anthem. Although the crowd starts to cheer instantly, the cheering progresses…just like a crescendo!!!

(ps. All pictures in my picture are pictures I took, with the exception of Jim singing)



With so many creative entries, how could we choose?! Well wait until you see who the winner of our Cubicle Makeover Contest is! We’ll be announcing it through our newsletter later this morning and on Facebook and Twitter this afternoon so before to check back then!