We’re very lucky to meet some of the coolest people at the Ranch. One such person is our friend Brendan Sullivan is a creativity coach. Not only does he work with such clients as PepsiCo, Kelloggs, and GE, he also facilitates our Art-Work  partnership with The Art Institute of Chicago. That’s why we’re so proud to present his workshop Why Didn’t We Think of That? Ideas for Generating a Culture of Innovation in Your Workplace on March 21st.  Want a sneak peek at our pal Brendan? Here are a few of our favorite Brendan moments at the Ranch:

On creative collaboration with The Living Wills co-author Rick Kaempfer

(if you are reading this via email, watch the video here)


Presenting with a slew of other facilitators for our Juice on the Loose event during Creativity and Innovation Week

(if reading via email, see the video here)


Presenting some of his creativity coaching techniques in the Match Books event for his book The Living Wills

(if reading via email, watch the video here 

You’ve got to see the man in action! Make sure you register for his March 21 workshop here!