Catalyst Ranch’s Monthly Giveaway Prize

May 2012

Keyed by Noodle Your IQ®
Tetra Scales – The Museum CollectionParadigm Puzzle

This month the Ranch is giving you the opportunity to win 2, that’s right – TWO prizes – when you enter our Monthly Giveaway Drawing during the month of May!  Challenge your mind to develop new skills & strengthen your brain with a pair of perplexing brain teaser puzzles!

“Keyed” is a 3D puzzle featuring two cast metal keys locked together.  Can you find a way to separate them?  If this proves too difficult, you might have better luck with Tetra Scales – The Museum Collection Paradigm Puzzle.  This intricately detailed laser-cut pattern puzzle challenges you to refit the pieces back within the frame.  Spatial & logistical thinking are challenged as shape and size combinations can seem daunting.  Each wooden puzzle has numerous solutions; can you find even one?  With 354 ways to go about it, the objective is to try to create an empty space in the middle.  Take the challenge to solve one or both of these conundrums – just drop your business card off at the reception desk the next time you visit the Ranch and good luck!