While crowd sourcing is a hot concept in almost all businesses at the moment, one realm it hasn’t touched is the mystical world of novel writing. But a San Francisco-based author came up with an uber-tech-savvy way to write a first novel. Her name is Natalie Linden. She calls herself the Unreliable Novelist, and her project is something she dubs a “feminist fairytale spy novel.”



After struggling to complete her novel all by her lonesome, she decided to get the public involved by setting up a website that lets readers peek in and actually contribute their ideas to her in-progress novel.

Check out her website, I am the Unreliable Novelist, and get in on the discussion by voting on her latest plot poll. Natalie says, “Help me write my feminist fairy tale, spy novel, one vote at a time.” Readers get to vote on plot turns, getaway cars, character flaws and other tricky decisions that help her stay on track to finish the book. It’s kind of like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, with the writer at your disposal.

Today I had fun giving my input to this fun quirky question, “What’s the most ridiculous thing your best friend has done for you?” Now I’m not going to tell you what I contributed to this poll, but I can tell you that Natalie’s polls are super fun, quick and shouldn’t be missed. To send Natalie a note or to find out more about the plot, click here.