November 7th marked the Catalyst Ranch 9th anniversary and we celebrated with a fantastic party filled with clients, family and friends. iluvphoto provided lovely shots of our revelry and those photos can be seen on our website.  There was delicious food, a giant birthday cake, specialty cocktails and, of course, party games; but not just any old games – collaborative, Ranchy party games.

The Party Collaborative idea was inspired by our meeting clients and the interactive, high-energy sessions we see here on a daily basis.  We set out to create a party that showcases our creative environment and shows how meeting supplies and equipment can be transformed into collaboration tools. With just an LCD projector, screen, three flipcharts, foamboard, Velcro and a little creativity the Catalyst Ranch team whipped up five party games.

The Perplexing Puzzle Picture

After being successfully tested at our anniversary bash, The Party Collaborative package is available for rent at your next Catalyst Ranch meeting or event.  Groups as small as 15 guests and as large as 100 can enjoy these activities. They require minimal space in your event room and all the activities can be turned into a competitive team game. We can even supply prizes upon request.

For more information visit our website HERE and call me, Gala Girl, for more information.

PowerPoint Karaoke

Exquisite Corpse

Flip Charts of Mystery