Margarita Zepeda, winner of our 2011 Cubicle Makeover Contest, was sure surprised when she walked into her fresh, new colorful workspace as the Catalyst Ranch Design Team put their finishing touches on the newly made-over cubicle. The once dreary desk that doubled as an easy-access supply station for co-workers, is now fabulous colorful and completely Margarita.

Before we show you the new improved desk, take a peak at a couple of before shots below.

After being announced as the Cubicle Makeover Winner on Administrative Assistant’s Day, the Catalyst Ranch Design Team sat down with Margarita to interview her about the functionality of her desk, her interests and inspirations, and what type of design would keep her motivated and happy throughout her work day.  A member of PepsiCo’s new Global Nutrition Group, the team learned that Margarita values her Mexican heritage, loves bright colors such as red and orange, collects items that represent luck and good fortune, and appreciates the art of cooking and the value of farmers’ markets.  After our interview with her, the team set out on a mission to create a design that was colorful and incorporated nutrition and global ideas.

Catalyst Ranch Czarina, Eva Niewiadomski first found a funky Argentinean pear crate which ignited a clear direction and allowed the whole design to take off.  From vintage global fruit ads turned magnets to whimsical terrariums and Mexican good luck charms, Margarita’s cubicle truly is an extension of who she is and what she does.

(Margarita in her new cubicle.)

“I am a visual person. So color, pictures, flowers, gifts and awards motivate me.”

Everything we installed in Margarita’s cubicle is easily moveable so that she can take it with her no matter how many times she moves desks. She can also re-arrange the components as often as she likes to keep things fresh.

Whimsical terrariums spark imagination at the front of the cubicle for not only Margarita but also all her fellow co-workers passing by. Pulling inspiration from her Mexican heritage, we used good luck symbols, picture frames, art and color to turn her desk into creative inviting space. Taking vintage fruit and vegetable ads, we covered the space with inspiring fun images. View more pictures of the makeover below.

We’re thrilled that Margarita is so happy and that we’ve helped create an environment that she and others enjoy working in daily. Congratulations Margarita Zepeda! For all you dreary desk dwellers out there, check out our blog entry Cure for Cubicle Blues…. 10 great ideas to Makeover Your Workspace, and spruce up your space!