It’s time for a cubicle makeover everyone can achieve! Considering the amount of time you spend inside it, set out to convert your workspace into a place you can look forward to and enjoy. Thinking ‘inside the box’, if you will. Not only will you feel good, but chances are your productivity will increase as well.

Here are 10 funky, easy and affordable ways to make over your cube and improve your image and outlook at work:

1.  Bring in Color with Unique Art
Adding color is the primary way you can improve your environment when you’re facing space limitations. Bring in colors to your cubicle that complements the area and your personal style.  Good color choices in promoting mental strength and health are soft blues, natural greens and bold purples.

Use Wall Decals

Hang Some Textile Art

by JackieCardyTextiles

Hang up an original print

Society6 offers a creator-driven online marketplace for affordable art. Operating on the premise that community aids commerce, Society6 is social networking at its targeted best: artists and designers can connect with other studios, sell their work directly, and even hook up with companies offering commisioned collaborations.

2. Feng Shui Your Desk
Place Yourself in a Position of Power!
The placement of your desk can largely affect your well-being at work. First, be sure your desk is the right size for your daily activities. The ideal place for a desk is in the command position–the opposite corner of the entranceway, where you can face outward to see who enters your office.

If you don’t have the room to move your desk, clip a small mirror to a desk lamp or place one on your computer to help you see those entering your work space. Not knowing who is coming up behind you can create a feeling of uneasiness during your workday.

3.  Get Organized

Keep things generally neat and clean. Put any supplies or files you don’t use daily inside your desk or credenza to reduce visual distraction. Organize your current projects into files and keep them in vertical file holders on your desk.

Think outside the box, woven baskets, small trunks, suitcase and record holders are a fun, funky and functional way to organize.

4. Add Some Life

Plants brighten up any office. Not only do they project energy and life, they also soak up indoor air pollutants. In addition, they help reduce stress, increase productivity and improve attentiveness. Bring in a plant or two, but keep it low-maintenance, such as a simple stalk of lucky bamboo in some water.

5.  Brighten Up

Another item you can use to spruce up your cubicle is a small desk lamp. Better light is good for you to begin with it. Not only does it increase energy and brighten your mood, but a small desk lamp can really add some personality to your cubicle. It may not seem like your typical “cubicle decoration,” but you will be surprised at just how many small desk lamps there are out there. From brightly colored contemporary styles to classic brass or silver tones, you can find an appropriate and affordable lamp to fit any cube configuration.

6. Decorate with Fabric

Cover walls with fabric, securing it with staples or double-sided tape. You can also staple patterned fabric to a frame and hang it up in your cube like colorful wall art!

For Andrea’s cubicle (winner of our 2010 makeover) we used fabric paneling to create splashes of color.

Adding a few pillows to your space is another great way to not only cozy up but bring in some fresh inspiration.

7. Picture This

One of the best ways to add a personal touch or conversation starter to your area is with framed pictures of your family, friends or pets. Be selective with your frames. Seek out atypical objects turned into frames (ie. recycled glass bangles).

If you want a great frame, check out Artist’s Frame Service outlet sale the first Sunday of each month. Or shop around the resale & antique stores.

8. Add Soothing Accessories

Placing a small bowl of potpourri or aromatherapy petals or sachets can transform your emotions or invigorate your senses.

9. Tell Time with Style

Having a unique calendar and clock makes a world of difference.

10. Boost up the Energy

Boost up the energy and fun in your cubicle with these desk must haves…… from fun to functional, enjoy! Uncommon Goods has a great selection of office FUNctionals, check them out.

Like this python staple remover!

……or this desktop sand window

…. Love this Paperback Writer (multi-tasking scribe finishes your sentences when you’re scrambling for a piece of paper.)

Cure for the Cubicle Blues…..Change something. Anything. Bringing in a new book, a quote, photo, screensaver — any item that refreshes your space and inspires you. Another idea, add a seat pad or change the fabric on your chair backs. Better yet, be eco-conscious and get furniture from a swap or thrift shop.

Good Luck and have fun, Happy Administrative Assistant’s Day!