5,4,3,2….1 and just like that its 2011! Heehaw Happy New Year. Looking for some added zest and pizzazz to jump start the year? Look no further its here….

We would like to share a special calendar with all of you for the new festive year 2011! Created by our very own Gala Girl & Client Services Manager, Lauren Smith, this calendar is sure to brighten up any office, cubicle or home.

Simply print off this calendar on card stock, clip pages together with a cute and colorful binder clip, and hang on your wall!

Click Here! Get Your Free Calendar NOW.

Check out all the quirky holidays we have declared for the New Year, like the next one on January 16thSwashbuckling Day! And you don’t want to miss out in celebrating with us days like Constellation Naming Day on May 8, when we’ll all be looking to the stars. Maybe a best constellation name contest could be in store.

Each month features an inventor from a different part of the world, and not just any inventor, rocking creative ones! This month’s featured inventor is Eduardo Gold, who was one of the 26 winners in the “100 Ideas to Save the Planet” competition sponsored by the World Bank. His idea to bring an extinct glacier back to life will help supply people from the village of Licapa in Peru with water. Gold’s idea uses the cool roof principle: surfaces painted white will reflect the sun’s heat. Gold has put the principle into effect by painting the peak of Chalon Sombrero white using a mixture of lime, industrial egg white and water. Check out all twelve months and be inspired with us!

Enjoy and Cheers to 2011!