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Did you know there is 3,615 pounds of textile waste generated every 5 minutes in just New York alone?

We are always aiming to inspire others here at Catalyst Ranch — our funky flair definitely is one thing that helps gets those ideas rolling.  From our vintage Americana furniture, décor and embellishments there is no doubt we are into reusing and recycling. Now we want to hear from you — got a good idea on reuse? Send us your ideas, pictures, works of art or maybe even a story and we will feature a post based on YOUR ideas.

For inspiration, check out artist Derick Melander’s amazing sculptures, made out of second hand clothing. His work brings attention to the large amount of textile waste that is generated daily. The clothing used in his pieces is usually donated after the exhibition.

Using a variety of textiles as his medium, he creates installations and sculptures. These textiles would have otherwise been discarded by their owners.



Derick meticulously folds, layers, and stacks clothing to create sculptural pieces that tell the story of where the material came from.

“As clothing wears, fades, stains and stretches it becomes an intimate record of our physical presence. It traces the edge of the body, defining the boundary between the individual and the outside world.”

Either post your ideas and pictures in the comments or please send to

We can not wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Formation of Derick Melander’s 5×7′ sculpture made of 3,615lbs of recycled clothing, representing the amount of textile waste that is thrown away every five minutes in New York City.