Name: Jackie Sloane

Company: Sloane Communications, Inc.

Area of Expertise: Collaborating with people to produce results through how they communicate, engage others, cultivate relationships!

Share one of your trade secrets for keeping the energy and enthusiasm flowing when working through a long session or meeting with your clients. Laughter. Taking a moment to lighten up. Sometimes a serious discussion can get an infusion of energy from a little strategic lightness.
What sparks your creativity? Walks outside, going to new neighborhoods, new stores, art openings and exhibits, time with children and young people.

Give us an example of a creative output that you’re particularly proud of. I worked with the leaders of a local firm and as a result of what she learned about clear, direct communication and “shared leadership,” one leader taught her team to innovate, and as a result, they cut 50% of the production time for a new product.


What was one of the best meetings you’ve ever attended? What made it so great? Superior speakers with great experience, and each session interactive and packaged so that you walked away with real learning.


What recently sparked your curiosity and how did you satisfy it? I pay attention to my intuition. A friend invited me to an event recently, and it was not really at a convenient time for me, but I noticed I kept thinking about it, so I went. And, I connected with several really interesting people with whom I have had subsequent good networking conversations. It was definitely worth my time and energy.


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