Stop Playing with Legos and Put them to Work in the Kitchen

The next time you run out of ideas of what to build with your Legos and have a few extra hours to kill, why don’t you just turn them into a kitchen island and be the envy of all your friends and neighbors?

Not only will it be the cheapest kitchen remodel ever accomplished by a non-professional (you know that those do-it-yourself projects by weekend warriors usually go wrong quickly, sucking you into a an abyss of spending by having to pay professionals to rectify the resultant mess), but you’ll actually be applauded for playing with your building blocks. People always say those formative years are crucial indicators of what you will become. Who knew that all those projects that your siblings destroyed would turn into one that they couldn’t topple even as adults?

Munchausen, a duo formed by Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti, took a bold approach with their own kitchen by venturing to IKEA for the basic kitchen island and then spending the next week covering it with more than 20,000 pieces by another Scandinavian brand, Lego.