Lisa Canning InterviewOur friend Lisa Canning of Entrepreneur the Arts was interviewed recently in Crain’s Enterprise City Blog. Lisa has taken a different perspective on applied creativity by starting the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship.

The “starving artist” stereotype thrives even during economic boom times, so it makes sense that the recession would make times even tougher on artists.

But entrepreneur Lisa Canning sees potential in the art proletariat—she believes the legions of talented, highly educated artists working in non-arts jobs can succeed as professional artists if given entrepreneurial skills and new ways to apply their creativity.

It’s in that spirit that Ms. Canning, a musician and serial entrepreneur, launched the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship, a non-profit that aims to equip artists with the means to combine their artistry and innovation with practical business skills. The Institute, which holds classes at Flourish Studios in Lakeview, has programs ranging from a $20 lecture series subscription to a two-year arts entrepreneurship program with annual tuition of $15,250.

Ms. Canning explains her vision to Crain’s contributor Steve Hendershot.

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