Name: Rick Gurolnick
Company: Neotoy
Area of Expertise: Design, Invention, New Product Concepts and Markets, Kid Marketing

What sparks your creativity?

Seeing a great example of Art or Design.

For example, look at this great photography of an off road race in South America, incredible photos:

Thinking of a lightly trod niche of new opportunity

Getting out of my “plaster cage” (my office!) and strolling a trade show, museum or store

Give us an example of a creative output that you’re particularly proud of.

Being able to bring three groups together (Designer, Property Owner / Licensor, Product Line Manufacturer / Licensee) and think through a business model solution that became a Win-Win-Win solution so everyone felt good and the program worked for all parties.

What recently sparked your curiosity and how did you satisfy it?


Seeing new animation software available for quick, easy movie making on the web.

Giving a couple 12 year old kids an iMac and watching them play and make animations in a way I wouldn’t have thought of, and come up with something different.  Then rush to add the movies to their Facebook.  Not good or bad, just different. Cool!