I am sitting here trying to think up a name for a new product. It is funny that while I have performed this act a hundred times before — never has an idea come while sitting down, looking at a blank page waiting for the name to just show up. I just isn’t going to happen like that!

That is why I ask, “What are your Catalysts for Creativity?” For me there is a formula. I love to gather information about the product/project I am working on. I mean as much information as possible. I become steeped in the research (company provided, internet, library) I then go back and bounce the idea off a trusted co-worker, friend, family member or at this point anyone who crosses my path. Watch out!

I then bounce away from the process all together. I rejoin life with ideas still wondering about. If time is available two or three days later I will go to my favorite little coffee house and begin writing to see what takes shape. And, it is usually there where I will witness the beginnings of an idea or concept taking form. Ideas and names appear, sometimes faster than I can write. I could spend days in this mode! That is if the lattes keep coming.

At this point it is just a matter of making sure I convey the vision in a format that others can quickly grasp. For me the input of others always makes the end product even better. It’s called collaboration darlin’ and nothing is sweeter…except maybe my coconut macaroons at midnight.

Please feel free to send any of your catalysts for creativity. We would love to share them on-line or we’ll stop by your on-line Creative Space to see what innovations you have.