One of the perks of working in a creative space are all of the Creative Experts we meet at the Catalyst Ranch. One never knows who will be roaming our halls during a company event, brainstorm, or even a wedding.

In support of creative environments the Ranch also hosts what is called a Sundowner Series. Think of it as a gathering of creative thoughts, people and ideas taking place at around sunset.

In two days we will be welcoming a special guest, Gregg Fraley. Gregg is an advocate of holistic approaches to innovation. He believes that holistic management integrates people, products, culture and the process. This Gregg says, enables an organization to continually innovate.

So if you can join Gregg as he guides us through exercises to discover some of his very own innovation techniques. Who knows maybe we’ll be able to take these learnings back to our organizations creating cultures that foster, nurture and sustain the innovative output. We could all use a little of this CREATIVE INSIGHT to keep up with the pace of innovation in our ever changing world!

Come join us on Thursday, February 19, from 6 to 8 pm. For more information just click on or give my friend Stacy a call at 312.207.1710.