Effective Brainstorming, with Gregg Fraley

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Catalyst Ranch welcomes Gregg Fraley to illuminate the Brainstorming tactics that best leverage how the brain, teams & individuals think.

For this in-person workshop, we require all attendees show proof of vaccination upon entry. Thank you for your consideration!

Would you like to get to breakthrough results in a brainstorming effort? Are you a corporate innovator or team leader in search of better ideas? Are you an individual seeking better ideas to address life challenges?

Consider this workshop. I have answers that will help you immediately.

Do you know why brainstorming has acquired a bad reputation? Do you know why most typical sessions fail? Make no mistake, most brainstorming sessions fail. I've studied this and experimented for 30 years to come up with ways to be more effective in brainstorming. Do you think there must be a better way? After all, to solve complex problems -- you need good ideas. Ideas are the fuel that solves complex problems. Ideas help you innovate your business. Or your life. Would you consider four patents from one effort a decent result? I've done this, and I'd like to tell you how. There definitely is a better way to brainstorm, but it's not one thing, it's many things. And it requires you broaden your idea of what brainstorming is all about. I'll have you throw away the mythology about what works and what doesn't.

This two hour course teaches you the methods and tools that maximize brainstorming effectiveness. I guarantee I can help you do much better with brainstorming.

Brainstorming often disappoints. Organizations give up on the practice because they don't get the results they're looking for. It isn't a trivial matter to do it well. There are classic guidelines that usually aren't followed. That's where you start improving, but, there are new wrinkles in brain science that show us how to make it more effective. There are new tools that help individuals and teams up their idea generation game.This is the workshop where you learn state of the art brainstorming.What's required is a brainstorming event design that sets you up for success.

Here's what's covered in the workshop:

  1. Preparation for brainstorming makes all the difference. Having a good problem frame, a detailed session design, and, having participants who are motivated and informed before they start -- are all essential. Yes, this means homework, and if you're not willing to do it, don't expect great results. Getting the problem frame done Before you start is a part of a better process.
  2. It's not about a live session or a virtual session. It should be Live AND Virtual, stretching the "session" over time. During Covid, the use of online data collection systems has made it possible, and sometimes necessary, to get the best of both worlds.
  3. It's not all about group work. It's about individual work alone, AND, group work. They both have unique value in the process.
  4. The atmosphere, culture, and state of relaxation/play in the participant group matters a great deal, and this needs attention, it's needs to be designed into the effort.
  5. Use a trained, experienced, neutral facilitator to improve results. You can do brainstorming without this assistance, but do get some training to help address the shortfall. Training like this course makes a big difference!
  6. Vary the tools and techniques used for soliciting ideas. As soon as a group gets bored, you're going in the wrong direction.
  7. Vary the tools and techniques to accommodate both extroverts AND introverts. Know that introverts, typically, hate classic brainstorming sessions, and mentally bow out. That's about half your group.
  8. Have a plan for data collection as you go, and, a plan for organizing the data after the fact. There are tools that are really helpful with this.
  9. Stimulus from customers, and, stimulus from the world of consumer trends, and digital technology often provoke out-of-the-box ideas. Again, this takes planning to include.
  10. Take immediate action on one or more of the ideas. For complex ideas start planning and roadmapping projects as soon as possible. Letting ideas lie fallow sends a message that brainstorming isn't useful, and that you weren't serious about addressing a problem or an opportunity.

Materials Provided:

  • Copy of the workshop slides
  • A quick reference guide to assist as you design brainstorming sessions
  • A one hour coaching session with Gregg Fraley
  • An electronic copy of "Jack's Notebook, a business novel about creative problem solving."
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GREGG FRALEY is an author, speaker, facilitator, and consultant in the innovation field. His diverse experiences include founding technology companies, developing and marketing software products, award winning work as a television writer and producer, and conducting qualitative research. Since 2002, his mission is helping companies innovate. He’s the author of the noted business fable, Jack's Notebook. Gregg’s led over 1,000 idea generation sessions and he’s learned what works, and what stops, effective brainstorming. His session designs include tools and techniques that he’s created to help individuals and teams find those elusive breakthrough ideas. He’s worked with Bosch, Coca-Cola, Sanofi, Johnsonville Sausage and the United Nations.
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