Titlecard: "NEW NEW NEW: Experiences & Teambuilding (including Teams BUILDING!)"

What’s on your meeting’s agenda?

A welcome address, introductions.

Maybe a get-to-know-you activity.

Presentations followed by a few blocks of break-out groups.

But what agenda items make your meeting unique and experiential? If that piece is missing, you lose a valuable method of ensuring your attendees remember this event and retain its content.

That’s why we’ve curated a full lineup of activities to engage your meeting attendees. We have Meeting Mix-Ins that you can incorporate into the meeting’s agenda, and we have After-Meeting Add-Ons to schedule for after you’ve left Catalyst Ranch.

We’ve recently fleshed out our Mix-In and Add-On partners to include some really exciting offerings. Check out the new folks on our lists, and start planning your meeting’s fantastic experiential flair!

**Click on the images to see all Mix-Ins or Add-Ons and find these companies’ websites!**

Chicago Terrarium Authority provides a one-of-a-kind daytime activity to include in your proceedings: a hands-on Terrarium Workshop.


A hot item in gift stores and in online boutiques is the glass terrarium. With this Meeting Mix-In, the Chicago Terrarium Authority comes in and provides your group with all the materials to make these gorgeous mini gardens. Your teammates will learn some plant history and get the lowdown on easy plant care while they’re digging their hands into soil and selecting their leafy gems. You’ll bond over making a living piece of art tailored to you tastes, and everyone walks away with their own beautiful terrarium!

*On March 27, 2019, experience Chicago Terrarium Authority yourself with our frequent partner Camp Boundless: a one-night Pop-Up Terrarium Workshop! Click here for more info!

Once you’ve wrapped all your meeting business, it’s time to escape, but here’s a twist: Bring your team from the Ranch to a team challenge at Escape Artistry.

Chicago is known for its creativity and resourcefulness. We’re home to a great deal of companies that deal in fun and engaging experiences. A new and worthy addition to the bunch is Escape Artistry, a Room Escape brand whose rooms and puzzles incorporate Chicago history and culture! This Meetings Add-On is special in that it reinforces communication and teamwork within your cohort, all while relishing the uniqueness of this wonderful city. Our own staff had a great time completing—and escaping!—their Railcar game. We adore this woman-owned business!

If your group has a taste for art and culture and DRAMA, bring them to Windy City Playhouse for a truly unique theater experience: the immersive play Southern Gothic.

You know we love showcasing our local flavor. With this Meeting Add-On, your group gets to experience the newest raved-about entry into the storied history of Chicago theater. Your group will enter a house—truly a fully constructed house inside the Windy City Playhouse space—and inhabit that house as flies on the wall while the play, Southern Gothic by Leslie Liautaud, unfolds around them. Each audience person is free to roam the house and see different interactions play out. Afterward, your group is sure to come together to dish about the different bits of juicy drama they each saw!

Put on your goggles and work aprons, and go back to shop class: Rebuilding Exchange will get your group constructing brag-worthy housewares.

Teammates and coworkers can really bond over learning new skills together. Achieve that through this Meeting Add-On, and get hands-on learning with a private workshop through Rebuilding Exchange. They are a warehouse with building materials obtained from all over Chicago, and their staff teach skills in the shop that your participants will use to make their own wine racks, clocks, benches and more! And hey, you can even get a one-two punch of Look what I made!” feel-goods with this Add-On after the Chicago Terrarium Authority Mix-In!

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