Catalyst Ranch Preferred Facilitator Ah Ha! in action

Facilitator Spotlight: Ah Ha!

What is Ah Ha! and what do you do?

Ah Ha! has been facilitating insight and innovation for over 20 years! We are a facilitation and consulting company that works to inspire people, connect knowledge and illuminate possibilities. Our custom-designed, facilitated sessions can include qualitative research, ideation, design thinking and strategic planning.

Having worked inside some of the biggest consumer goods companies, we were often frustrated and left wanting more relevant insights, more collaboration and more dynamic work process to help teams reach their full potential. From that experience, we created revolutionary team-based immersive learning platforms that connect teams face-to-face, create inventive possibilities and transform how teams work together.

After over two decades, we’ve found that our approach enables deep insights and innovative thinking – critical outcomes often not achievable in conventional meetings. Looking for a traditional focus group or bland ideation session? Sorry – we can’t help you with that. What we will do is design a customized team learning environment to achieve results you never thought possible.

What musical instrument describes your best feature?

I would say that AhHa’s best feature is our flexibility and ability to fine tune or tailor the process to fit the needs of our clients.  For this reason, I would say the Piano would best instrument to describe us.  We work closely with our clients to help them find the right ‘key’ to make new ‘creative music’ (ideas) and help to provide them with insights and takeaways that will be beneficial for them in their future work.


Catalyst Ranch May 2017 Agenda

What is the most fascinating part of your business that people wouldn’t know about?

We are incredibly fortunate to span a very wide spectrum of industries – everything from consumer package goods to pharmaceuticals to technology. As a result, we get to ‘sample’ hundreds of different companies and different corporate cultures. These cultures are amazing, dynamic places filled with dedicated individuals working to improve their product, service or the lives of others. As outside facilitators, we feel a bit like corporate anthropologists, working to decode internal dynamics so that our client team is best positioned for successes after we depart.

Where was your last vacation? Or what is your dream vacation?

Cape Town, South Africa! Spent a week inside and outside the city, visiting Cape Point, Boulders Beach, wine farms, Table Mountain… and everything in between! The best was that we tied this in with an amazing work adventure as a presenter at the South African Creativity Conference.  We love when work and play intersect.

What’s your favorite thing about partnering with Catalyst Ranch?

Having been some of the earliest visitors to Catalyst, we love, love, love, the attention to detail all the Ranch Hands bring to EVERY meeting. We know that for any meeting big or small, Catalyst will deliver an amazing space, first class support, great food and a memorable experience that will linger long after the meeting is over.

If you could tell your younger self one thing about the business that would prove invaluable, what would it be?

Trust your crazy ideas. Some of the most successful adventures we have had started as something a bit ‘crazy’ – breaking an industry paradigm or doing something unorthodox with a team to help highlight a big learning area. Usually inside these crazy spaces, there is often something insightful waiting to be explored. Nurture these crazy ideas with more questions, planning, more questions and amazing things can develop!

Wayne Childers of Ah Ha!

Wayne Childers is Chief Conversation Officer at Ah Ha!, where as a graphic facilitator, Wayne is dedicated to creating inventive new ways for clients to learn more than they ever thought possible in a qualitative setting. In his role as Chief Conversation Officer for Ah Ha!, Wayne leads Ah Ha!’s client development and outreach efforts.