Welcome back to #WeddingWednesday, our bi-weekly column where we bring you wedding tips, tricks, crafts, interviews and interesting Chicago wedding happenings. This week we sat down with Molly Schemper of Fig Catering and the Green Wedding Alliance to talk about GWA’s upcoming event Brides on Bikes on Sunday, August 11th. The Green Wedding Alliance is a really exciting group that has dedicated itself to promoting environmentally friendly weddings from the planning stages all the way to the event itself. We’re so excited about Brides on Bikes (for one thing Catalyst Ranch will be the first stop!). It’s an event that’s so unique it can only be in Chicago. You certainly won’t want to miss it. 


Hi Molly, thanks for chatting with me! I’m sure you’re very busy putting the final touches on Brides on Bikes. How did the idea for Brides on Bikes come about?

We had brainstormed the idea of having a progressive wedding show where brides would go from place to place. Our first thoughts were to arrange transport by trolley or bus; but Carlene (from Naturally Yours Events), being an avid biker herself, thought what better way to have a green event than by bike?

How has it changed over the years?

The first year we hooked up with Fork & the Road, a culinary bike tour operator, to help us plan our route and get organized. This year we’re happy to be partnering with ROADIECAB so we can offer rickshaw rides to those who prefer not to bike. We change the route every year to focus on different vendors and keep it interesting.

What is your favorite thing about Brides on Bikes?

It’s an intimate way for brides to meet potential wedding vendors in a non-pressure way. It takes advantage of Chicago’s greatest asset – the summers.

Can you tell me more about Green Wedding Alliance?

The Chicago Green Wedding Alliance is a collection of wedding and event vendors who are making a commitment to the environment by taking a mindful approach to events and encouraging others to do the same.

Why do you feel passionately about green weddings?

Most of our members are passionate about being green in general – recycling, composting, and using less at home as well as in their businesses. Weddings are usually the biggest event that a person throws in their life and they are incredibly wasteful and resource-draining affairs, so trying to reduce that is important. I think when people realize they can make many easy choices to have a greener wedding both they and their guests realize they can make changes in their everyday life too.

For more information about Brides on Bikes or to purchase tickets click here. Want to get married at Catalyst Ranch? Contact Lauren Smith at Lauren@Catalystranch.com to schedule a visit!