Meet the author of our next Match Books event on December 6, 2012!

Name:  Sarah Miller Caldicott


Title of Book:  Midnight Lunch: The 4 Phases of Team Collaboration Success, from Thomas Edison’s Lab


What are some of the main themes of your book?

–          Learn how collaboration differs from teamwork

–          Establish collaboration as a foundation for innovation success

–          Recognize why inspiration must be present in every collaboration

–          Leverage social networks as a tool to tackle collaboration complexity

–          Create team dialogue and constructive debate

–          Apply Edison’s collaboration process to the digital era


What prompted you to write the book?

I realized there were major gaps in how we are thinking about collaboration today. It is a crucially important subject given the global proliferation of smart devices, and the need to innovate rapidly in fast-changing markets.


Most of our approaches to innovation neglect the role of collaboration.  We often even have difficulty defining what true collaboration entails. Few leaders are schooled in how to collaborate, or foster it in their teams.


Midnight Lunch offers us a deep, step-by-step view of what collaboration is, how it can be created, and why it’s crucial for today’s multi-generational workforce.


What sparks your creativity?

1)     Reading widely

2)     Using analogies to spur new thinking about relationships between concepts that at first seem unlike – but are actually alike in novel ways

3)     Meeting other people who are deeply interested in innovation


What’s one big thing you want people to take away from your book? We all must master collaboration as a crucial skill for success in the next decade. Collaboration is actually a “superskill” we can all develop whether we are using it to innovate, or simply to spur new ideas.


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